Ello was created by idealists who believe that the essential nature of all human beings is to be kind, considerate, helpful, intelligent, responsible, and respectful of others.

This doesn’t mean that everyone always acts this way. Therefore, we’ve created a list of simple rules that you need to follow when you use Ello. If you don’t follow the rules, you risk being kicked off Ello and banned as a user forever.

The Rules:

Don’t threaten people
This includes threats of violence, and threats to hurt others in any way.

Don’t Hate
Slurs based on race, sexual orientation, religious or political belief, age, or just about anything else, whether they be personal or general, besides being very uncool, are not allowed.

Don’t Spam
Don’t use fake tags or deceptive links or try to mislead others about the things you post. Don’t use malware or other evil code when you post. Don’t use Ello as a vehicle for generating revenue for affiliate marketing. No phishing.

Don’t Automate
Ello is for human beings. It is against the rules to use a computer to register a lot of users on Ello, or to follow lots of users, or to automate posting.

Don’t infringe on other people’s copyrights and trademarks
Please make sure you have the legal right to post the things that you put on Ello.

Don’t impersonate others
Be yourself, or a version of yourself. Please don’t pretend to be someone else.

Don’t hurt young people.
Don’t post anything inappropriate about minors, including things that are violent or sexual in nature.

Don’t use Ello to intrude on other people’s privacy
There’s enough of that going on by big internet and governments around the world.

Don’t post sexually explicit content without flagging your profile Not Suitable for Work (NSFW). NSFW flagging in is development. This policy will go into effect as soon flagging is completed. We respect the diverse views of the Ello community. Not everyone wants to see sexually explicit content. If you regularly post this sort of content, please respect those in our community who do not wish to see it by flagging your profile NSFW. Doing so will screen your Profile’s content from Ello users who would prefer not to see it.

Ello’s rules expressly forbid posting abusive content of any kind, including sexually explicit content that portrays or encourages violence towards people or animals.

If you break the rules we may contact you and ask you to fix the problem immediately. 

If you don’t, your account may be suspended or deleted, your username forfeited, and your IP address may be permanently banned from logging into Ello. We reserve the right to enforce or not to enforce these rules in whatever way we see fit, at our sole discretion.

According to our lawyer, we should also tell you that Ello’s rules and policies do not create a duty or contractual obligation for us to act in any particular manner. And we reserve the right to change these rules at any time. So please play nice, be respectful, and have fun.

If you notice abusive behavior, please report it immediately by emailingreportabuse@ello.co and we will look into it, and take necessary action as soon as possible. This email box is strictly for reporting abuse, and we will not respond to other requests sent here.